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Serious Musicians & Vocalists Wanted - musicianswanted [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Serious Musicians & Vocalists Wanted [Jun. 5th, 2006|07:58 pm]


Do you long to break the mold of the current music scene? Challenge yourself to something creative and unique? Come check out Eternal Embrace. Our music is a bit different from what you're used to hearing on the radio. Eternal Embrace is more like a theater group performing music, but trust me, we're not prog. rock.

We take the best of European Metal, Black Metal and Gothic Rock and shake things up a bit by adding world instrument sounds such as sitar, violin, flute, sax, tribal drum beats, and more.

We are seeking dedicated, creative people who love music to join our troupe. Current openings are for male and female vocalists. If you can sing Alto, Saprano, Operatic, Bass, or Tenor, Harsh and Clean or Experimental, we want you to come down and check out the band, see if you think you can add something to it.

We have our own rehearsal space in Manchester, Nh and we have already played one Boston venue this past year and we were a big hit.

To listen to MP3s, go to www.myspace.com/eternalembrace. Write to Eleanor at eternal_embrace2004@yahoo.com if you would like to come by the studio and check us out.