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Looking for a drummer and bassist. [Apr. 14th, 2008|11:12 am]


[Current Location |Warren, AR]
[mood |artistic]
[music |Metal,blues,death metal,thrash,stoner metal.]

We're a heavy metal band mainly an the sound we have is closer to 80's metal.
I write my own music and lyrics and also will be doing artwork.
But thing is, we need a drummer and a bassist.
We are the type of band that will write thrash,ballads,metal,death metal,punk,rock,blues.
A lot of my style of music is heavy and rhythmic, I guess you can call it stoner metal that you can just groove to and bob your head and usually headbang.
we Are looking for seriouse people who will learn what we are trying to play and work with it, this is the first band I've been able to start that can be productive.
we don't have experience with playing shows because it's been so hard looking for other musicians.
I've payed with a drummer and all drummers can easily play along with what I do because the beat is easy to fing thought it may sometimes be complicated it's still there.
we are currentls in Warren Arkansas.
If you are interested then her are a few links.


The band site on myspace is: